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  1. The resort is placed near the sea. The place is quiet and cozy. It is well equipped. A parking lot and a playground. The kitchen is well equipped. The hosts of the resort are very kind and helpful. We recommend visiting the resort, especially to families with children.
    Stayed in the period: 23.06.2011 - 2.07.2011
    Ryszard and Czesława from Pyrzyce.

  2. Very good location with a good access. Peace and tranquility, in spite of the fact it is the very center of Pobierowo. A good access to the beach. Nice atmosphere thanks to the very friendly hosts. A great advantage is also the access to the Internet and a very well equipped kitchen. We will be happy to visit the MARCIN Guest house in Pobierowo once again.
    PS. Having no car does not make it difficult to get there, because the place is very near the well maintained bus (PKS) station.
    Stayed in the period 22.06.2011 - 03.07.2011
    Anita, Rafał and Nina from Zielona Góra

  3. We will recommend staying in the „Marcin” place to everybody who comes to Pobierowo, as it is cozy and nice here. The premises are well taken care of and the owners are friendly and kind. We found here a family atmosphere. We will come there for our next vacation.
    Stayed in the period 03.07.2011 - 11.07.2011
    Ania, Sebastian and Bartek from Opole

  4. For the first time we came there in 2009, and in 2011 whole our family of 6 returned to "Marcin" in Pobierowo. A kind hostess, a possibility to cook and lots of place in the yard for children to play, grass, flowers and coffee for the guests. The younger ones get the Internet, the elder ones get some peace. The beach is near.
    Stayed in the period 11.07.2011 - 24.07.2011
    Irena, Krzysztof, Dina, Trine, Helena, Franciszek from Norway

  5. Very good accommodation. The yard is neat and clean. Beautiful flowers and lawns make for a high esthetic value. Generally, it is nice and sympathetic here, and the owners provide the guests with good atmosphere and comfort.
    Stayed in the period 16.07.2011 - 30.07.2011
    Dariusz, Bożena and Agata from Pruszków

  6. We have been there for the third time. It has always been nice and pleasant; the owners are approachable and sociable. They make sure the guests get everything they need. Very good location (the beach is near). It is worth coming – WE RECOMMEND IT.
    Stayed in the period 16.07.2011 - 30.07.2011
    Krzysztof, Maria and Piotr from Pruszków

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