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Seasonal Bus Station of PKS

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Tourist Information Center at the PKS (bus) station in Pobierowo
72-346 Pobierowo, ul Grunwaldzka 1,  telefon :+48 (91) 3864 220

KSK  BUS  Przewozy pasażerskie : +48 503 090 999, +48 508 368 333

Departures to Szczecin:    
from Rewala 8:50L, 14:00a, 18:05L
from Trzęsacza 8:53L, 14:03a, 18:08L    
from Pustkowa 8:56L, 14:06a, 18:11L    
from Pobierowa 9:00L, 14:10a, 18:15L    
from Łukęcina 9:05L, 14:15a, 18:25L    
from Międzywodzia 6:48L, 14:48L      
from Dziwnowa 6:55L, 14:55L          
from Dziwnówka 7:05L,   9:10L, 14:20a, 15:05L, 18:30L    
from Kamienia Pom. 7:20L, 9:30L, 14:35a, 15:20L, 18:40L    

Departures from Szczecin:
to Kamienia Pom. 6:30L, 8:00a,9:15L, 14:30L, 17:55L
to Dziwnówka 6:30L, 8:00a, 9:15L, 14:30L, 17:55L
to Dziwnowa 9:15L, 17:55L,
to Międzywodzia 9:15L, 17:55L
to Łukęcina 6:30L, 8:00a, 14:30L,
to Pobierowa 6:30L, 8:00a, 14:30L
to Pustkowa 6:30L, 8:00a, 14:30L           
to Trzęsacza 6:30L, 8:00a                      
to Rewala 6:30L, 8:00a      

a – no service during school holidays
L – no service on 25,26 December, New Year Day and the first and the second days of Easter

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