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Located on the banks of the Kamieński Lagoon, 8 km away from the Baltic Sea.

Both places are located near Pobierowo.

In order to make your holiday in Pobierowo more attractive, take a trip to a nearby village of Dreżewo.

In July 1993 the first Festival of Vikings was held. Since then, such 2-3 day events have been organized in July/August every year.

Niechorze is an old fishing village, lying on a pass between Lake Liwia Łuża and the sea. Nowadays, it is a popular seaside resort.

In the 15th century, in Trzęsacz, 2 kilometers from the cliff sea-shore, a church was built, only a little piece of which – the southern wall – has remained until today.

Some say Ewa Brown, the Hitler’s wife, lived here in 1940’s, others say that was not the case.
The fact is that in Pobierowo there is a villa called the house of Ewa Braun and it is gladly visited by tourists, generally, the German ones.

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